Thank you for finding your way to our website.

Here you will find information about our current projects as well as ideas we are working on at the moment. The centre of our projects is New Improvised Music. Our music is always newly invented for each project and contains elements of both, New and Ancient Music. Our declared intention is to make music which is understandable sensually. Art in a vacuum is not our desire. We would like people to follow our artistic thoughts and ideas without big effort and to enjoy the journey in a relaxed way.

On these pages we want you to get a quick but entire overview on our work. For further questions please contact us.

So long!


c/o Matthias Nahmmacher
In den Stöcken 1
D-42117 Wuppertal
T: +49 (0)202 / 62 16 97

Gestaltung: Oliver Jung, SIGNUM Design & Kunst, Wuppertal,
Fotos: M. Neumann, Wuppertal